You Had Me At… The Apartment by The Line

This is the most wonderful store in New York City. Located on Greene Street in Soho, The Apartment by The Line, has the most carefully curated collection. Unsurprisingly, the flat located on the 3rd floor of the Greene Street building; you feel like you’re in someone’s home, but everything is for sale.

The Apartment Website


You Had Me At…Bar Pitti

Pappardelle Lamb Ragu

Though I did think overall Bar Pitti was a bit overrated, I was still excited to try one of their most popular dishes and people watch outside on 6th Avenue.

Bar Pitti


You Had Me At…Tacos


People go back and forth about the differences between the east and west coasts. For me, the most noticeable difference is the Mexican food. Growing up in California, I am quite picky about my Mexican food. It was not until I finally tried Los Tacos No. 1 in New York’s Chelsea Market that I thought my tacos would be a plane flight away.  The tacos here are definitely worth making your way amongst the crowds in the Chelsea Market.

Los Tacos No 1 Website
Los Tacos Instagram

You Had Me At…Cabana

Summertime and the livin’ is easy (….well, when you are using your paid time off days…)!

I would do anything to transport myself back to the Lido in Venice right now–sitting in a beach cabana and sipping a Campari soda. A trip to the Excelsior Hotel on the island is necessary. If you’re in need a beach vacation, I highly recommend!


Hotel Excelsior Website

You Had Me At…Decorator Showcase House Pt. 2

When I was visiting San Francisco this May, it happened to be the same week as this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase House. Always intrigued by the intricate designs, I had to tour this year’s Pacific Heights residence on Pacific Ave. Walking through the home reminded me of all the times when I used to go with my mom years ago. However this time I went without my mother who was in Philly, and instead went with my iPhone snapping lots of pictures 😉


SF Decorator Showcase House Website

2698 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94115


Here We Go…

Welcome to You Had Me At!

Truthfully, this is not the first time I have attempted to write a “blog.” I’ve given it a few tries. Wired on a few cups of coffee and believing that I would come up with brilliant stories, I started writing what I thought were “witty” sentences and posting a few images I liked. But I lost interest. However, this time, I know, it will be different. Because this is a place in which the purpose is to encompass a variety of interests. I currently live in New York City; however grew up in California. I have a passion for food, fashion and style, and cities. Previously, I thought I should focus on one interest; but I decided that You Had Me At would be my place to highlight the many interests, features, styles, and places that I have come across. It is my place to creatively put together many images (and some text!) of the things I find captivating and sensational–and my place to share with all of you. Enjoy!