You Had Me At…Bar Pitti

Pappardelle Lamb Ragu

Though I did think overall Bar Pitti was a bit overrated, I was still excited to try one of their most popular dishes and people watch outside on 6th Avenue.

Bar Pitti



You Had Me At…Artichokes!

Now, I feel like you might be reading this title thinking, um..artichokes, what is soo special about artichokes?

Well, I felt similarly until I had Roman artichokes (or as they call them, carciofi). Slightly fried, extra crispy with tons of flavor. Even better with a splash of a light white wine!

If you can’t make it all the way to Rome for a good artichoke, my favorite place in the states is at the Houston/Hillstone restaurants that are both coasts! Artichokes are seasonal, so they sometimes don’t have them on the menu, but always worth an ask 🙂

Houston’s Locations

Hillstone’s Locations

You Had Me At…Cabana

Summertime and the livin’ is easy (….well, when you are using your paid time off days…)!

I would do anything to transport myself back to the Lido in Venice right now–sitting in a beach cabana and sipping a Campari soda. A trip to the Excelsior Hotel on the island is necessary. If you’re in need a beach vacation, I highly recommend!


Hotel Excelsior Website

You Had Me At…Frozen Negronis

If you are ever in NYC in the summer, you must, must, must go to the High Line Hotel for a frozen negroni. Hidden right on 10th Avenue in Chelsea, you feel as if you just left New York City and walked into Europe. Immediately as you enter the hotel, you are in a picturesque courtyard with perfectly trimmed hedges, not to mention the surrounding historic building. The European vibe continues with the Intelligensia coffee truck to the left and outdoor garden bar to the right, which serves the very best Italian cocktails. I always go for the frozen negroni, but the “Italian Flash” frozen cocktail is a great spin on an Italian sgroppino. Get there soon, as this place is seasonal!




High Line Hotel Bar Menu

The High Line Hotel Website

Frozen Negroni Recipe @seriouseats