You Had Me At…Soho Boutiques

One of my favorite things about New York is the carefully curated boutique stores. Not only do I admire all the clothing inside, but also the interior design of each place. Some of my favorites below include Ulla Johnson, Veronica Beard, & Prada.




You Had Me At… The Apartment by The Line

This is the most wonderful store in New York City. Located on Greene Street in Soho, The Apartment by The Line, has the most carefully curated collection. Unsurprisingly, the flat located on the 3rd floor of the Greene Street building; you feel like you’re in someone’s home, but everything is for sale.

The Apartment Website

You Had Me At…The Shore

On a summer day, who doesn’t want to head out to the beach? As I write this from New York City, I think about the beach spots that are relatively easy to get to from the city. One of which is Ocean City in New Jersey. Perfect even for a day trip and even better with a stop at Manco & Manco Pizza.


You Had Me At…Artichokes!

Now, I feel like you might be reading this title thinking, um..artichokes, what is soo special about artichokes?

Well, I felt similarly until I had Roman artichokes (or as they call them, carciofi). Slightly fried, extra crispy with tons of flavor. Even better with a splash of a light white wine!

If you can’t make it all the way to Rome for a good artichoke, my favorite place in the states is at the Houston/Hillstone restaurants that are both coasts! Artichokes are seasonal, so they sometimes don’t have them on the menu, but always worth an ask 🙂

Houston’s Locations

Hillstone’s Locations